Idea to Value wins two 2018 MVP awards for best innovation blogs



I am pleased to announce that once again, Idea to Value has been selected as one of the best innovation blogs of the year.

The award comes from Business Innovation Brief, which reviews the most popular and informative articles across the largest innovation blogs in the world.

They just released their list of winners of their 2018 Business Innovation Brief MVP Awards, where two Idea to Value articles by Nick Skillicorn were nominated in two categories, and we are pleased to announce that we were selected as winners in both categories.

It's time to celebrate

It’s time to celebrate

Idea to Value had the following two articles selected as winners in the following categories:

Category: Innovation in Action

Elon Musks new $0 salary, and what it can teach us about visionary innovation leaders

Category: Other

How to defeat “Loss Aversion”: the #1 reason why middle managers kill innovation

We would like to put out a big thank you to you, our readers, for continuing to help this blog grow so quickly every year.


Nick Skillicorn

[On behalf of all Idea to Value contributing authors]


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